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Pregnancy Update.

Written on February 22, 2007 by Kevin.

My wife and I stopped by the doctors office yesterday for her checkup and all is well. Everything is looking great in fact we were able to successfully hear the baby's heartbeat without question. My wife's weight is increasing at a good rate and all tests came back great. The pregnancy this time around has been much easier on my wife. Little sickness compared to last time but she is finding it difficult to fight off the sciatic nerve pain.

The nurse that my wife saw had not seen Rylan since she was still carrying him and she was simply amazed at how big he was for only being 16 months. She couldn't give enough compliments about how cute he was as well.

We will be having another ultrasound on March 1st as both a checkup and to discover the sex of the baby. Could it be a girl this time? My wife thinks so.

We took the time out recently to start a new baby registry at Babies'R'Us. This time around it was much easier and much less time consuming. We knew what we wanted or needed for the new baby. Rylan helped us out by sleeping through the trip.

Expect pictures from the ultrasound soon.


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