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Rylan's first camp out.

Written on February 6, 2007 by Kevin.

My wife and I decided that this past weekend would be our big push to clean up our home and prepare it for selling. We will be putting it on the market any day now. As any homeowner would know, there is a lot of touch ups that need to be done for a home to sell, we are certainly no exception. We took Saturday painting our walls and evacuating the rest of the day. When we arrived, the paint smell had gone down but there was still a bit more than we figured would be good. We decided to have a camp out down stairs.

We let Rylan stay up as long as he wanted that night in hopes that he would be so tired that he would be able to sleep in a different place other than his normal bed. What we hadn't told him was that he would actually be sleeping on his inflatable sleeping bag that we bought for him a long time ago. When my wife opened up the box to assemble and inflate it for the first time, he was amazed. He couldn't help but stand on the non-inflated bed and proceed to sit on it. After my wife and I got to pumping it up, Rylan helped out and pushed away as well. It amazes us that he really knows what to do and follows along quite well. After a while of Rylan's help, the bed was inflated and again Rylan was amazed.

It didn't take long before Rylan went off to bed after we had put him in his temporary bed. He watched a bit of television and when that got boring, he simply dozed off. Our plan worked out well. He only woke up once for a split second that night. He is such an awesome sleeper.

I think that family room camp outs may be a common thing in our house. It's always nice to change things up a bit. I know that I enjoyed these types of things when I was a kid and it seems that Rylan will as well.


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