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Rylan's own chair.

Written on February 8, 2007 by Kevin.

My wife has been keeping an eye out for a small chair that we could put downstairs for Rylan to sit in while he watches television or just to eat some snacks. We have found some great ones and some that are way to kiddie for me or my wife. I am atleast not a fan of the Elmo, princess or Sesame Street themed cushy chairs that you commonly find at Walmart or similar stores.

Babies'R'Us has always been a great place to find some nice looking chairs but the prices were not something we wanted to pay. We have been looking everywhere for something that works out for us. Ikea also has a few of these types of chairs but again were not something we wanted to pay that much for.

On our recent trip to Ikea however, we happened to see one of the kid chairs in the As-Is section. This is simply the section of Ikea where they sell returned or damaged items. My wife spotted this chair (Tullsta) at only $18. The Ikea worker said that the zipper tab was broken but we figured that wasn't too terrible and we decided to purchase it.

After getting it home and tightening everything down, my wife was reading the bottom of it which has instructions. The instructions clearly state that the zipper tab is purposely not there and that you are supposed to use a paperclip instead. This is so that children have a more difficult time getting it off we assume. We picked up a "damaged" chair that was not in fact damaged at all.

Rylan loves this thing. He immediately helped me when we got home by tightening some screws for the feet. We figure he gets his handy man skills from watching Handy Manny on the Disney channel. He uses this chair all of the time. He will even grab a book, sit in his chair and begin to read it. I think my wife found one hell of a bargain here that should work for a long time.

The chair is basically hard foam that is slip covered so it should work extremely well with 2 children using it. The fabric was certainly not our first choice but for the price, we just couldn't pass it up. Rylan couldn't agree more.


Cute chair!!

Written by Julie on Feb 9, 2007

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