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Saving for the little kiddos..

Written on February 20, 2007 by Kevin.

When I began this blog, nearly 2 years ago, it was always on the back of my mind that I may be able to make a few dollars from it. After a couple of months of getting everything initially settled I added some Google Ads in unobtrusive places (I hope). It took along time before the ads began getting clicked on and when they were mere cents was accumulated. As time went on though, more ads were clicked and higher paying ones at that. This has worked out well for us as I have always said money from the Google Ads will go towards Rylan's savings account. While his savings account is certainly not amazing, it is a wonderful thing to see something waiting for him. It's even more amazing that the ads people click on are helping my son establish a savings account that he can tap into years and years from now. The few cents that each ad click gains certainly ads up.

Now here comes our second child. I have been wondering lately how can I give the same opportunity to this next child. Yes, I could cut the checks that I get from Google but seeing as they do not come frequently enough, it may not be worth dividing the money between them. I am now on a hunt to find the next best thing to be able to give extra money to both our new child on the way and help Rylan's saving as well if possible. This can be a difficult finding just the right thing.

I am curious to see how other families are able to fund their children's savings accounts. Do you do side jobs? Do you run a blog with ads on it? Do you just do a better job at budgeting and deposit money when available? I would love to know.

On a side note, we signed Rylan up for an ING Direct savings account that has a nice interest rate of 4.5% rather than the crummy 1% we were getting at our local bank. If you are interested in signing up, contact me and I can get you a referal code worth a free $25.


We use Upromise:


Mystery Guest Inc.

I'm not too fond of Upromise since their return is next to nothing and very least for me. It's free college money for your kid for buying the stuff you normally buy.

Mystery Guest Inc is free to register for and you pay up front for your meals, but they always pay you back within a month plus $5. Not much, but it's a free dinner and $5.

Written by Jessica on Feb 20, 2007

Funny that you mentioned mystery guest inc. I signed up a few weeks ago and last Saturday we went out for our first meal. As you said, you cannot use it to make much money but a free meal from time to time is always nice.

Written by Kevin on Feb 20, 2007

I am a stay at home mom so I can't afford to put a monthly amount in but every time for their birthday or Christmas I always do $25. Plus if anyone else gives them money I always put it in. My son just turned 7 a few days ago and got $165. That's a lot of money. I know most of my friend's would probably let their kid spend it but I put it in his savings.

Written by Julie on Feb 21, 2007

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