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Valentine's Day Recap

Written on February 15, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

We celebrated Valentine's day on Tuesday so that we could beat the rush of traffic to all of the popular dinner places. My mom and dad decided on a French restaurant that they used to frequent. It is a place called La Madeleine, it was really good. They had a couples dinner and dessert but I actually got to eat a bit of it as well. It was yummy.

Yesterday while we were out, my mom wanted to finish her Valentine's day gift for me. They like to make a small gift bag of goodies for me. I certainly couldn't turn it down. They bought me a few cat and dog Valentine related board books. Dad has already started reading them to me and I like looking at the pictures. Very good book choices mom!

The books were nice but let me tell you about what I have been wanting for months and months but never had received. A personal back massager. Every time were are in a store that sells these my dad grabs one and puts it on my back. It tickles but it's fun. My mom decided this was a good time to pick one up for me. Boy is it cool. Both my mom and dad were both giving me massages last night. This may be one of the best gifts ever.

For my mom and dad, I got them a semi peaceful night at the restaurants the past couple of nights. I know that they really appreciate it.


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