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Week in Review

Written on February 2, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

The other day was my mom's birthday so my grandpa threw a small party for her. We got to eat pizza and even have a Ben and Jerry's ice cream cake. Boy was that good. Me and dad pitched in for a gift this year. It was kind of related to the wrong holiday but we picked her up a Mickey shaped Christmas wreath. I had heard her talking about it a long time ago and since always has good prices in their outlet, we couldn't pass it up.

Last night I had a chance to stay up late. We all sat down and watched Nanny McPhee. It is a pretty good movie. Good enough that I watched almost all of it. I occasionally like to sit down with mom and cuddle while watching a movie or a television show. I know that she likes it a lot as well.

Since my dad was in an accident recently, he has been going to the chiropractor. They have been working on him for a few weeks now and I have been tagging along. The doctor has been working on my neck as they said some of the my disks are not moving like they should be. My mom holds me while he adjusts me and I am just as calm as can be. It's not scary at all. I went when I was very little because I was biting while breastfeeding and they fixed that up. I know my mom appreciated that.

To top the week off, I blew my dads mind last night when we were playing. He was asking me to touch my nose and my eyes and my ears and I did it. So we ended up playing together for a bit just touching our noses. I like when he squeezes his nose and talks funny. My dad always gets a kick out of it when I do the same thing. He says I talk really funny. He's such a joker.

Have a good weekend.


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