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Week in Review

Written on February 9, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Well let me start out with my most significant thing that has happened this week. Starting last week actually, my mom and dad started to notice little spots coming up on my left leg. They didn't have any idea what it could be so we ended up checking it out with the doctor. They thought it was hives but we are still not certain what could have caused it. They have me on a bit of medicine and cream and I think its working. They really don't effect me though because they don't itch or hurt so that's really good.

This last weekend we celebrated my mom's birthday at my grandma's house. She cooked us a delicious lasagna and even got my mom a birthday cake. Boy was it great. I devoured it and impressed everyone on just how much I can eat. My mom got a Mickey Mouse toaster that plays music when its done. That thing is awesome! It even burns Mickey's face onto the toast. How cool is that?

So lets see, I have begun working on some new words. The most improved word of late has been 'cookie'. I do my best and it comes out as cookcook. My mom knows what I'm trying to say though so it does the job. Dad has been reading to me a lot lately which is helping me. I like to learn new things because then everyone gets excited and claps. Of course, then I clap too.

To wrap the week up, we will be going back to Ikea with my grandma. She has never been there so I am excited about showing her. My mom and I really like to think of it as the next best thing to Disneyland. My dad sees it as dollar signs. He's a funny guy. I can't wait until I can sink my teeth into some nice tasty Ikea meatballs. Yummy Yum Yum!

Have a good weekend.


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