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A new stroller is due.

Written on March 13, 2007 by Kevin.

Having a second child allows you to reuse a lot of your old items such as cribs, bouncers and playpens. One thing not really usable though is a single seat stroller. We have been looking for a new stroller for a bit now until we stopped by the Burlington Coat Factory and found what we were looking for. I was a bit surprised on how many different strollers are offers at that store but we quickly tracked down the one we were after. The Evenflo Take Me Too! tandem stroller.

We initially found a pattern that we liked that sold for $149.99 but with a short walk around we noticed that for only $89.99 you could get what appeared to be the identical stroller but with a different pattern. A $60 difference only for a change in pattern? I was hooked.

Last night, the stroller finally came in so we went ahead and picked it up. Rylan as always wanted to help put it together but we went ahead and had him sit it out while we did the work. After it was put together, Rylan was thrilled. He immediately wanted to try out each seat so that he could stake out his claim. For the first bit atleast, we will be seating him in the front because the back can accept most travel system car seats. Our old car seat that we do not plan on using any longer in the car may come in handy while in the stroller.

We have not noticed any issues with this stroller just yet. Our past single stroller was equipped with cup holders and a thermometer but this new one is not. It would come in handy to have a bit of a place to lay things but we did not feel it was critical. A single cup holder is attached off the side. We'll see how that works out.

I think for the price, we found a great stroller. Rylan would like to thank his grandpa very much for the great stroller. Front to back tandem strollers are far and few so with our available choices we are happy. If anything changes, expect me to give an update.


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