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Rylan's first trip to the zoo.

Written on March 26, 2007 by Kevin.

It has been scorching hot here in Arizona over the past couple of weeks so when the weather broke and we had some rain, we knew we needed to take advantage of it and head off to the zoo before it got much hotter.

We headed to the Wildlife World Zoo. Home of the baby white tigers and even a white alligator. We covered Rylan in some good ol' sunscreen and made our trip around the zoo. The first thing that we noticed was that animals that were in the first exhibit, were to be found elsewhere in the zoo. It put a bit of a damper on things when we continued to see the same animals over and over.

Rylan was thrilled to see all of the animals. He was so excited to see the tigers, birds and monkeys. Anything that caught his eye was simply amazing to him. He is a huge fan of our 2 cats at the house so when we told him to look for the big kitties his eyes lit up.

I took my wife to the Phoenix Zoo before we had Rylan and I think that I enjoyed that zoo a bit more. It seemed to be a bit fine tuned while the Worldlife Wild Zoo seemed to be all thrown together. The housed rooms which contained primates, reptiles and fish were as humid as possible and stepping back outside was refreshing, despite it being about 80F.

Would we go back again? Possibly. The use of a freebie coupon certainly made this trip a bit easier on the bank account. The price otherwise is affordable ($18 per adult, under 2 is free) but when you see that they have no one checking you at the door, you question why you even paid in the first place. Drinks and food, as you can imagine are over priced. I do not think that this is a frequent stop for family outings but an annual visit may be likely. Rylan, on the otherhand, would want to be there all of the time. He did amazingly well.


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