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Saucy Señor.

Written on March 7, 2007 by Kevin.

I was born and raised in Arizona which immediately drops you into the land of Mexican food. My wife, born in Texas, is also very accustomed to Mexican food. It's hard not find a Mexican restaurant on each street corner so it's impossible for Rylan not to have a bit from time to time.

Quesadillas and simple bean & cheese burritos are great easy foods for toddlers and Rylan has really learned to love these. Mexican restaurants come standard with chips and salsa which employees love to place right in front of Rylan. This caused quite a bit of trouble when we did not feel that he was old enough to have a sharp tortilla chip in his mouth. We soon learned that ordering some tortillas immediately seemed to calm him down as he now has his own chips, even if they aren't hard.

Rylan seemed to get bored quickly with just the tortillas so we were looking for something to add to them when we decided to give the mild salsa a try. He ate it up. He can't get enough of it.

He has really taken well to dipping foods into sauces such as salsa and ketchup and he now seems to prefer it over the plain food. He certainly has opinions on foods but even at this time, there are few things he will not eat. We are amazed and loving it.


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