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Week in Review

Written on March 23, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

First off, it has been raining here in Arizona since yesterday and boy is it wonderful! The last couple of weeks have been amazingly hot. I mean like 99F hot, in march! Crazy! I really like walking through the rain so it is really exciting for me.

So, there is whisper around the house as of late that I may begin potty training soon. I think I heard them talking about the signs when your child is ready to try and they said I now am experiencing most of them. Well see what happens.

We went over to grandma's house last Saturday to eat dinner. That was a pretty good time. She made chicken, green beans and pasta salad. We had so much leftovers that my mom tried to make some wraps for me the next day but I wasn't too interested in that. I really like it when my grandma makes meals for me because they are always really yummy. She likes to hand out cookies freely as well. Regardless of what my mom or dad says. I know someone who is going to get in trouble one of these days and it's not me this time.

The power went out earlier this week so my mom took me to the mall to hang out at the play area. Boy oh boy was it packed. There were a bunch of older kids running around super fast so it wasn't that fun. We ended up taking off and eating some food at the Paradise Bakery. That was pretty darn yummy.

We stopped by the library for the first time this week as well. Wow, I thought I had a lot of books but this place is amazing. I have 2 full bookcases filled with books that my mom and dad have purchased over the years but nothing compares to the library. They even have a huge selection of kid DVDs that we can borrow 10 at a time. We picked up a bunch of Jay-Jay the Jet Plane and Berenstain Bears movies. We will certainly be heading back their often I think. I think mom is looking into taking me there during the day occasionally so we can check out their story times. That should be pretty darn fun.

I think thats it for now. Have a good weekend and watch out for rain puddles!


I don't like our weather...possibility of rain everyday and we always have dark clouds, so you can never be sure. Sure we need spring rain, but we want some pretty spring weather to go take pictures with the bluebonnets too! Though I think puddle jumping/splashing is my kiddo's new favorite thing to do.

I wish they'd monitor the play area's so bigger kids wouldn't ruin the fun of the smaller ones and parents wouldn't just dump their kids unsupervised there either...though none of our 3-4 malls even have 1 playarea.

Grandparents and freely giving junk of my pet peeve's that they all seem to do. No wonder kids love them so much. I wonder if I'll be like that when I'm a grandparent.

Written by Jessica on Mar 23, 2007

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