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Week in Review

Written on March 30, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Wow, what a week I have had. Monday night was certainly not fun falling, splitting my head open and then having to get tortured at the hospital. Mom and dad have been torturing me as well each night because they have to keep it clean. I really really hate being held down while my mom does anything to it. I hope I never need to go through this again. I have been through enough trauma to last me through the next 10 years.

Other than my wicked gash, there haven't been that many exciting things going on. My mom noticed recently that I have begun showing signs of being afraid of the dark. I have always gone to sleep with a small night light plus my soother which lights up. Lately though, I have wanted the bathroom light left on and it has helped a bit. I think that the shadows on the wall are both interesting and scary. My mom and dad do a good job soothing me though so that's good.

Speaking of shadows, the other day I was playing with mine downstairs. I was watching it while I would kind of dance. Amazingly, it was doing everything I was. It sure is fast to keep up with my lightning fast dancing skills.

Potty training has taken a backseat to recovery for now. I am looking forward to it though. The other day we had a potty for me but it just was to much fun to play with. It had a bunch of stuff I could remove or open/close. My mom is looking for a super duper basic one for me to try with. I really do think I am ready though. When we were trying the potty earlier, I had my diaper off. I snuck around the corner and peed on the wall in private. Then, I walked around the couch and pooped without anyone noticing. Dad sure noticed it the next morning. :)

We stopped by our new house that hasn't yet begun building but others have. It's just a matter of time. Dad is super happy because they lowered the price on it. Whohoo! The partially built ones are excited to walk through. I get to see where my room is going to be. It's pretty darn exciting.

Have a safe weekend and please watch out for sharp edges!


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