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Written on March 14, 2007 by Kevin.

I am sitting here at work wondering what my wife is doing with Rylan. Looking at the time, my guess is that they have not yet awaken. Any minute now though. Everyday they seem to do the same thing. Wake up and eat breakfast which normally includes milk and a couple of waffles. From there, Rylan has his favorite Disney shows such as Mickeys Playhouse, Little Einsteins and The Doodlebops. Once those shows are up, its playtime and then nap time.

Everyday is the same thing and I can only imagine that it could be difficult for both my wife and Rylan. I am wondering how other stay at home parents deal with the same ol' same ol' each and every day. I am very curious to see what types of things other parents do with their children as young as Rylan. I am looking for something to break up the day as to not make it feel so long for the both of them.

We would love to do more crafts and other fun stuff with Rylan but we just can't think of many great ideas. Please leave a comment with any suggestions.


The Family Fun website offers many different craft ideas which are organized by age groups. Obviously not all of the ideas will be age-appropriate for Rylan. I think finger painting would be a good idea, depending on what kind of a mess you're willing to clean up! An old sheet could be painted in the backyard in order to avoid making your house more colorful than you would like.

Written by Aly on Mar 14, 2007

i would take my little guy to the library one day of the week, the playground near our apartment on another, & walk to the grocery store (a street away) the other days to pick up a thing or two. he loves the doing the last as much as the first two coz of the colourful fruit & veggie displays.

how about looking for a playgroup? i know it saved my sanity to have other sahms to commiserate with & the kid gets a chance to interact with other tykes.

Written by rachel tan on Mar 14, 2007

I have considered walks for all of us but at this time we do not live in the best neighborhood. This week alone, we have already been in the 90F range so it is way too difficult to be outside for too long so unfortunately walks anyways would be hard. When we move into our new home we hope to be in a safer place with some community playgrounds within walking distance.

I would love to hear about further things that my wife and son can do together in the home. Thanks.

Written by Kevin on Mar 14, 2007

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