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Easter Celebration

Written on April 9, 2007 by Kevin.


Rylan had an amazing Easter this year. We visited Grandpa Fredrick and Grandma Tina on Friday. On Saturday, we visited with Grandma Michelle and Sunday we spent the day with my family.

Sunday started off with a couple gifts from us and his great Grandma. He got a few Little People Easter themed characters, a couple coloring books and a few other goodies.

We went over to one of my Aunt's houses for Easter lunch and we had a wonderful time. They had setup a special Easter egg hunt just for Rylan and he did amazingly well. We didn't train him at all but he picked up on it really well. I put a dozen eggs in the grass and he walked around to each of them with little guidance. He had to be taught how to put them in the basket but after that he was a pro. When he finished up, the adults had their own egg hunt which he even stole a few of their eggs. The adult Easter egg hunt had a few eggs with money and Rylan helped me track down a few of those.

Everyone loved seeing Rylan. They unfortuneately do not get to see him as often as we like so its a real treat for him. He had no troubles being held by them and he loved the attention. He showed off his waving skills to everyone and had everyone eating out of his palm.

I think next year I will need to hide the eggs a bit better and with the new baby around the corner, maybe she can participate as well.


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