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Free Coloring Pages

Written on April 26, 2007 by Kevin.

Coloring books. A great travel toy and all around entertainer. We have been working with Rylan on learning how to color on a piece of paper. We had been able to find DoodleBops and a couple other Disney related ones. He of course is amazed when we turn the pages and he gets to see a new character or scene.

Welcome Google Images, which will allow you to search for images throughout the internet. Looking for free coloring pages? This is your place. In fact, a quick search for 'coloring pages' shows a massive 279,000 results. Of course, some of these are not actual coloring pages but it is a great way to pass the day looking for great pictures. Take note, some of these are not full paper size but if you display only large images, you can still show over 4,200 results.

Looking for even more coloring pages? Check out your kid's favorite television show websites and they are most likely going to have them for you. We have been able to snag a massive amount from the Disney websites and even a couple from the recently discovered Imagination Movers website.

Rylan now has a folder filled with over 150 pages of pages. Our initial thought was to leave the folder in the car and when we go out to eat grab a few. He is only so interested with the restaurant coloring pages, we figured these would work much better. We never imagined we would find this many worthwhile pages.


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