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Road to recovery.

Written on April 2, 2007 by Kevin.

It was back on Monday night that we rushed Rylan into the emergency room to get stitched up. They told us to come back in 5 days, Saturday night was that day.

We put Rylan to bed at 9:00pm and he went down as normal. We came back into the room at 2:00am to get ourselves ready to head off to sleep and he woke up. Three and a half hours later, he was still awake. He knew the plan. The plan to wake up early and head back to the emergency room before it was jam packed. It seemed though that he made his own changes to the plan and decided not to let us sleep that evening and just go to the ER instead. We took off at 5:30am.

Rylan finally crashed back to sleep a bit before getting to the hospital and we were hoping to make this an easy by having him sleep through the entire stitches removal. That wasn't going to happen though once they tried to take his blood pressure and temperature. He went bizerk. The emergency room was entirely empty so we were quickly seen.

The doctor assessed the stitches and went right at it. We had to bundle Rylan back up again but he did seem to not be as scared this time. While he still cried and looked completely stressed, the stitches were removed with minor incidents and he was quickly back up and laughing. His gash looks a ton better than the night of the fall. It now just looks like a minor cut and has already healed entirely in certain areas.

It's hard to tell but it really does seem that Rylan has changed since his initial cut and hospital visit. We are having a more difficult time getting him off to bed and meeting his grandma and grandpa both had Rylan a bit nervous. This is completely abnormal for him. It's extremely hard to tell though whether it was the incident that caused these changes or something else entirely. We are monitoring it closely.


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