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Rylan's first secret fort.

Written on April 16, 2007 by Kevin.

I was reminded a month or so ago by AJ at Thingamababy about one of my old favorite past time as a kid. Fort building. We have all done it, grabbed some sheets and a couple chairs and made ourselves a tent fort. What could be better?

This weekend was rather uneventful so I decided to take the time to show Rylan how to build a fort. I gathered up the high chair and his Ikea chair and went to work. Rylan, as always, wanted to help out but he had a difficult time grasping the idea. He decided to stand back instead. I got everything into position and made an opening for Rylan to crawl into. He wasn't going for it.

After a bit of showing Rylan how much fun a fort could be, he decided to join me inside. We grabbed a few of his favorite stuffed toys and put them inside with us. I explained to him the endless possibilities when it comes to a fort. When I was a kid, my sisters and I would imagine it was a haunted house and scare our parents as we navigated them through the maze.

Once adjusted, Rylan was having a blast in his own secret hideaway. He loved peeking around the sheet and laughing at his mom. It won't be long before he asks me to help him build a fort. I can't wait.

Rylan put an exclamation point on our fun by walking into and falling on top of the fort. The sheet surrounded him and he couldn't help but laugh. I ended up setting it back up for him to do once more. He would have done it all day.


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