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Week in Review

Written on April 6, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Recovery is going well. My cut will soon be healed up and then I won't need to be harassed with Neosporin, bandaids or any other vicious tool.

Easter is coming up. Last year I got a great little basket filled with a few good things. This year though is going to be great. It seems that everyone each has their own basket for me. Tonight, we are going to my grandpa's house to spend some time with him and check out my basket. Saturday is Grandma's day. Sunday, we will be going across town to spend some time with my dads family. This will be the first year in a while that a young little kiddo has been in the family so they are setting up an easter egg hunt for me. I can find anything. It's going to be awesome!

Last night my mom picked out a really nice Easter outfit for me to wear. I look a lot like dad does when he goes off to work each day. I like dressing like him and I know they think I am as cute as can be.

My cut put a hold on potty training but now its on. My mom was looking for a very specific potty that they had previously sold at Target but no stores seemed to have them anymore. Last night my dad bought 2 of them online. I can't wait. I am really looking forward to knocking out this stage.

Have a great weekend everyone. Try not to forget about those hidden eggs because I hear they are stinkier than my diapers. Eww.


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