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Where is your...?

Written on April 4, 2007 by Kevin.

As any parent does, we work hard trying to teach Rylan to do as many things possible. Sometimes things are slow to learn, others are more quickly.

It seems that Rylan has caught on extremely quickly when it comes to being able to point out his ears, eyes, nose and mouth. In fact, when you ask him to find a certain spot on his face, he tends to point to that spot and then point it out on my wife or I as well. If you ask him to find his ear and you tug on your own, he immediately gets a big smile on his face.

Where is your baby sister? We are still working on this but we have been able to get Rylan to put his hands on my wife's belly now while we tell him that his baby sister is inside. He likes to put both hands on her belly and give a big smile, but only for a few moments before he is distracted by something else. He sometimes will even lay down on my wife's belly in what seems like an attempt to hear her. He seems to definitely be a bit curious about the expanding belly of my wife and we have the feeling that he will be a good older brother.


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