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30 weeks and counting..

Written on May 17, 2007 by Kevin.

The past 6 months have really flown by. Life with Rylan has kept us all very occupied and we have watched the pregnancy progress very quickly. Rylan's pregnancy seemed to drag on forever. Couple that with what appeared to be a massive amount of blood drawn, the first pregnancy seemed to be much worse.

Her cravings have recently turned towards chocolate covered donuts. A much less expensive craving rather than Baskin Robbin's ice cream cakes. This would make anyone happy.

Braxton hicks are certainly causing disturbances for her and it seems that they have come earlier in this pregnancy. Back pain can be quickly caused by basic movements such as rolling over in bed. This problem did not seem to occur as badly with Rylan.

Today we will be going in for another checkup. If it is like every other checkup, everything will be great. Another bit of update coming tomorrow..


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