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Always on my mind..

Written on May 15, 2007 by Kevin.

Over the past couple of months, I have attempted to create myself a routine and it begins with toast in the morning after I get to work. Plop my bread in the toaster, wait my 60 seconds and out comes the toast. But there is always something missing..

At our local grocery store, they were selling a Mickey Mouse toaster which toasts Mickey's head onto your bread and plays the Mickey Mouse theme song when it's done. Rylan gets a kick out of this thing and he gets excited when he hears the music playing. In fact, he loves to dance to it now. 5 Seconds of pure happiness as far as Rylan is concerned.

Back to my toast, sure the toast tastes the same at work but what is missing is the music at the end. My mind is so used to hearing that music that now I am a bit disappointed when I do not hear it. My first thought is that it must be broken so I just play it in my head instead.

People talk about how their work life interferes with their home life but I think I may have that backwards. The toaster is now such a part of our family that I feel bad when I don't hear the music. It's a good reason to think of the family back at home though. Even if you know they are still sleeping while you are at work at 6:30am. Dang lucky.


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