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Bit of a sad day..

Written on May 22, 2007 by Kevin.

Rylan, like many kids, was simply fascinated by our cats. One of his first words was even kitty. He would be the first to spot a cat whether they were running down the stairs or one was shown on television. A loud "kitty" could be heard throughout the house as if he was bursting at the seams to say hello.

Unfortunately, with our home situation and us likely needing to make some quick moves while selling our house and moving into a new one, we have decided that it was best that we get rid of our last cat. I tracked down someone at my work that was interested and yesterday we took him over.

It was very clear that Rylan did not want the kitty to go and as I tried to talk to him before we left about giving the kitty a better home he could only shake his head. He looked heart broken and that was certainly hard to take.

We got to the ladies home and brought the kitty and Rylan inside. We wanted Rylan to see that the cat was going to be at a new home and that he would not be seeing him any longer. Again, you could tell that he was a bit sad and he couldn't even muster up the strength to give him a final wave goodbye.

I told Rylan that we would make it up to him someday at which time my wife drilled in his head that he was to remember that so when he asked for a cat or dog a few years from now I would be forced to get it. What have I got myself into?

Lucky for Rylan, his grandma now has 3 cats which he can always visit when he needs his dose of cat hair. While it was a sad day indeed, we are relieved that we will no longer be given small pieces of litter that Rylan mysteriously finds throughout the house.


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