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Mickey Mouse Chalkboard

Written on May 8, 2007 by Kevin.

My wife and I always seem to be thinking up new ways to decorate the kid's rooms when we move into our new home soon. We are moving forward with our Mickey Mouse themed room for Rylan and was looking for added things to do on a budget. Welcome the Mickey Mouse chalkboard.

My wife initially came up with the idea of making a chalkboard for each of the kids and I think I may have been the one who took it a bit further and suggested a Mickey themed one. The project was quite easy overall and very affordable.

I started off by finding the design that I wanted. This was one of the most difficult parts as images on the Internet can be difficult to find at times. After finding the Mickey head design, I blew it up using and this became the template. We headed over to our local Home Depot and picked up some cheap wood and used the template to cut it out. After a bit of sanding, wood filling and additional sanding, it was time to paint. We used some chalkboard spray paint that can be picked up at hobby stores for under $5 and gave it a spray.

The next day came around and it was finished. Another project had come to an end. This entire project cost under $10 for 2 Mickey shaped chalkboards. We plan on making the second one the same way but adding a bow at the top to be similar to Minnie Mouse. Overall the project went well. After applying the paint, I see my mistakes more clearly and will work harder on the second chalkboard. I think the kids are going to love using these custom chalkboards. Maybe they will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Mark that project off the list.


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