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My wife the knitter...

Written on May 3, 2007 by Kevin.

My wife and I both have been having urges to make something for Rylan or the new baby. She has been just recently finished up 2 of her big projects. She learned over the last year or so how to knit and she found a great design that makes a great looking baby blanket.

She first started with the baby girls blanket and Rylan loved it so much that he asked for his own. While she was making it, Rylan thought it was a game and would try and hide under it. As she continued to work on it and it got longer, you could tell that he was getting more excited. Once finished, he now has a new favorite blanket to play peekaboo with. He seems to enjoy looking through the little holes and then pop out. Today's picture of the day shows Rylan enjoying his new blanket. He now sleeps with it every night. He couldn't be happier with it.

My wife really impressed me with her newly discovered knitting skills. Fighting through the hand pains that knitting causes, she now has a great looking blanket for each of the kids that should last a long time. I know they will appreciate them one day.


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