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Reading time is all the time...

Written on May 1, 2007 by Kevin.

Over the past couple of years we have been accumulating a plethora of children's books from thrift stores, garage sales and even some from antique stores. Rylan never really took to me attempting to read to him until recently. For months I have been trying to read to Rylan but he never could sit still long enough.

Over the past couple of weeks there have been many changes in Rylan. We have seen him catch onto things faster than ever and he has really begun to enjoy reading. Well, for me to read to him. Reading time is any time as far as Rylan is concerned. He is always up for a good story. This is especially true at night before bed and at the crack of dawn on a weekend. This last weekend I got woken up each morning by getting hit in the head with one of his favorite books. He is still learning that story time is only between certain hours, specifically when mom and dad are awake and alert.

Bedtime has been postponed now because of his addiction to reading. He lines me up a stack of books and that stack never seems to get any smaller. He is always piling on more. He loves for me to read different stories rather than the same one over and over again. He can't get enough of the Disney Babies board books. 'There was an old lady who swallowed a fly' is another one of his favorites. It's an interesting story to say the least.

Rylan loves to track me down, book in hand, and begs for me to read him 1 more story and then one more, and another. If I head to another room, he comes knocking on the door with one of his books. There are many signs here in Arizona that ask you to read to your kid for at least 15 minutes per day but Rylan could listen for 24 hours.

With a kid, you quickly notice that they love to do certain things with each parent. My job is reading and he just can't seem to enjoy it as much when my wife reads to him. If I try to pass the book over to her, he won't go for it and just gives me the cute eyes instead. I occasionally read to him and have to remember all of the other parents that talk about skipping pages to get through the book but I have to tell myself that it is for the best and I can suffer another 30 seconds to make Rylan happy. In turn, we are all happy.

My wife laughs at me because I always commented on reading to Rylan and how he wasn't interested. Now that he is obsessed, she thinks its funny that I can't get away from it. It's a job worth taking.


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