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Minor changes make big differences..

Written on May 9, 2007 by Kevin.

Rylan has always been a great eater for us. He will just about try anything and despite some wicked faces he may give us, he tends to go back for more. I can already see the signs of a foodie in training.

My wife recently noticed that Rylan was no longer eating grilled cheese sandwiches that we occasionally would make for him. In the past he liked them but something changed and now he isn't attracted to them the same way. I took this as a challenge and wanted to know if I could change it up in a slight way, would it have an effect on him. The other night I tried it out. I made him his sandwich and then punched bite size circles out of it with an Ikea apple corer. Presto! Rylan was interested again.

Part of parenthood is playing the games that counter your children's actions. This is a perfect example of how something that was boring turned into a good time again. I find it fun trying to think outside of the box to help Rylan stay entertained with things. I understand that this new take on a sandwich won't last forever but I am ready for my next challenge whenever it comes up.

Have any creative ways that you get your kids to eat food? Post a comment and let everyone know. Thanks.


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