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Rylan's Water Park Visits.

Written on May 2, 2007 by Kevin.

A few weekends ago, my wife and her mother went out shopping for the new baby. It was just me and Rylan. A bit of bonding time. After asking what he wanted to do and getting no response, I figured I would come up with something myself. I decided on a local park which happened to have a small water park with it. We were not prepared so I held onto Rylan the entire visit and didn't let him get too wet. He loved when the water would spray up at him and he couldn't get enough of touching it.

Just last weekend, we had run out of ideas on things to do and were looking for something to keep Rylan entertained. We tried the water park again but this time we were prepared. We dressed Rylan up in his swimming trunks, popped on a new pair of water shoes and made the short trip. The water park was crowded with kids trying to beat the Arizona heat. They were running around like the world was coming to an end so after I put Rylan down, I was right by him at all times. It took a good while before he warmed up to the water but eventually he started walking around wanting to do his own thing.

We soon realized that where ever you sit you were going to get wet from atleast the mist so I decided to go ahead and just get wet myself, pants and all. I walked Rylan around to each of the water activities while we both got drenched. I walked him over across the park and he decided that he wanted to come back over to his mom and in doing so we walked right between 2 water cannons and they proceeded to attack me it seemed. Thanks alot kids.

Granted, Rylan was one of the youngest but I was the only parent that was actually playing with their kids in the water. I had no problems with getting wet while everyone else sat back and ran from the thought of getting a bit of water on them. Eventually, Rylan should see how much more involved I am than a lot of parents and I hope that he appreciates that. I give my wife a pass card for not running around with us because she is pregnant so please do not think I am talking about her as well. I take pride in knowing that Rylan is having as much fun as humanly possible, maybe that is because I am having fun as well.


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