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Week in Review

Written on May 4, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Huge week for me here. I have been a big thinker lately and I can feel it in my brain. It's about to explode! I have learned so much this week.

Lets start with my eyes, ears, nose, mouth, cheeks, tummy and butt. Yes. I know them all and can point them out with ease. It was a piece of cake learning those things. I like to grab my tummy the most because I like to imagine it has a baby inside of it like my mom.

Speaking of my baby sister, we went for a checkup yesterday and everything is still looking good. I got to hear the heartbeat again. It's difficult for a little guy like me to sit patiently in a doctors room so dad has to work especially hard to keep me focused. I really like it when he distracts me by blowing on my neck. He makes the visit fun.

As my dad mentioned earlier in the week, books are huge right now. I love reading them with my dad. He taught me how to lay down on my back and then he laid down next to me. It's a fun way to read together. I like to snuggle up with him and sometimes even bonk heads.

This weekend we will be attending a lunch to celebrate my baby sister. We are going to a spaghetti place that I really have liked. They even serve ice cream at the end! You can't beat that. I will get to see most of my grandparents so that is going to be exciting. I will be a little bummed if my sister gets some nifty gifts but I understand why she is getting them. Maybe I will get my own gift. That would be great.

I guess that is it for now. Have a good weekend and a safe Cinco De Mayo.


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