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Coupons are wonderful.

Written on June 14, 2007 by Kevin.

With the new baby on the way we are making sure that we are stocked up with some necessities this time around. Of course, the big item of necessity for a baby is diapers and you really can never have enough of them. I was waiting for a good deal to roll around before we went ahead and purchased a whole bunch of them and last week was that time.

There are many websites out there that keep tabs on great deals from all stores. They explain how to best use coupons to get the prices as low as possible. Last week, this was possible at CVS where they have Pamper diapers for $7.99 for assorted sizes and quantities. I knew this was my chance to stock up.

Through the additional use of a $4 coupon from, if you create or modify your account, I made my first trip to the store. The great deal included the use of one of their (free) membership cards in which you can get free money coupons for your next visit. So, I purchased 3 packs of the diapers at roughly $24 minus the $4 coupon. My receipt included a $5 coupon for my next visit. My next trip I bought another 3 packs of diapers minus the $4 coupon again and the $5 coupon they last gave me. Now the diapers were only $16 or so for the 3 packs.

My wife and I both used this great deal twice and then we noticed a new jackpot. CVS is offering a $25 gift card for anyone switching their prescriptions over to them. Prenatal vitamins are going to need to be used for quite some time so we figured this was a great opportunity to get some additional diapers for free. Last night I went back in and picked up 4 additional packs of diapers. At this time, the sale price had gone away so diapers were back up to $10.50. This trip cost $42 minus the $25 gift card, $4 coupon and $5 coupon for a whopping $10 and change final price.

So what is the outcome of all of this? Simple, we have enough diapers for about 6 days with a newborn. We now have a stockpile of 816 diapers which only cost us roughly $85 instead of the normal price of $168. A smashing good deal. This makes each diaper about 10 cents rather than around 20 cents a piece.

diaper mountain

As I write this post, another great deal just came up for Luvs diapers. Click here for a buy one get one free printable coupon from Luvs. It is to be used at Target only.


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