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KinderMusik. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.

Written on June 13, 2007 by Kevin.

This past weekend we made a trip to our local Babies'R'Us to check out their Play & Learn event. This time, they had a company called KinderMusik that was having demo shows so we decided to sign Rylan up. He is a huge fan of music and we figured he would enjoy dancing around with some other kids.

Our event slot only had 4 participants which was nice I guess. It was held in the middle of the store so everyone could watch us and make fun of us I imagine. I was the only father that stepped foot into the circle it seems and I watched other fathers just stare at me.

When the music started and the coordinator began giving us a demonstration on how their normal classes are. Rylan got a chance to try some shaker balls and they taught us how to shake them and then stop on request. Rylan wasn't too interested in listening so he would sometimes shake when she said to stop and then not shake when others were. It was clear that Rylan had a good time but ultimately was very shy. He enjoyed participating in the activities however would run off to the corners of the designated areas and peak out with a smile on his face. A bit further interaction with other kids is certainly going to be good for him.

We are contemplating the KinderMusik classes for Rylan because of his shyness and lack of interaction with other kids. The program seems fun for the kids and they focus on both learning new skills and just having fun with music. It seems like a fun and worthwhile program.

Here is a video of Rylan and myself participating in the first song activity. A bit goofy but Rylan did seem to enjoy it.


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