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Pirate Themed Boxes

Written on June 26, 2007 by Kevin.

A few years ago, my sister bought me a few sets of tea that were kept in wooden boxes. After the tea was long gone, I kept these boxes because they were neat looking and I always figured I could use them for something else one day.

I had a bit of free time at work a while back and thought about how I could use these boxes. I figured that they would work great as a small secret box for Rylan and then it dawned on me that they would work great in a pirate themed room with a bit of work. I got on it right away.

My idea was to sand down the rough box and get rid of the printed writing on it. After that, a simple stain was to be applied and then to top it off, a nice pirate themed front side. These front side images were done with a bit of Photoshop skills and some easily found images on the Internet.

After sanding and staining, I secured the front image with modpodge. The entire box was covered in a few layers of the modpodge to ensure durability. Overall it turned out great. I think that they will be a fun addition to a pirate room and allow Rylan to keep a few goodies in or maybe even bury someday and leave as a long lost treasure. It will be fun to see how his imagination runs with it.

I have since found that they sell these same boxed teas at Ross so I may end up buying a few more and doing a similar project for Kaitlyn once we determine a great theme for her room.


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