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Products you may have not known about..

Written on June 7, 2007 by Kevin.

Like everything, parenting is always evolving and new products come out daily. It is difficult to keep up on it all and certainly impossible to purchase it all. Sometimes it's nice to be able to sit at home and read a review or view a video of a new amazing product and just imagine getting it for your child rather than actually doing it. Here are a few products that I came across recently that you may find amazing or otherwise helpful.

HiLo Kids Chair [Video] - A great modification on your typical high chair.

SunCutters Car Window Shades [Review] - I came across this review on and instantly was hooked. Normal shades are coverage lacking but this seems like the great alternative.

Peepers Puppets - One of the most interesting but simple ideas I have seen in quite some time. Turn that basic hand of yours into a real 'eye' catcher.

Baby on Board T-shirt - Are you looking to have a child but are not sure just yet? Try parenting on for size with this t-shirt. You are sure to get some looks.


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