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Short Pregnancy Update

Written on June 20, 2007 by Kevin.

My wife is just shy of 35 weeks through her pregnancy and she has been really pouring on the contractions and general discomfort as of late.

Yesterday we made a trip to the hospital because she was having pretty strong pains but unlike contractions. By the time that we got to the hospital they had gone away but the doctor confirmed that they were in fact contractions. Contractions that were anywhere from 2 to 8 minutes apart. They monitored her for a bit and gave her some medicine to slow down the contractions but not entirely stop them.

Right now everything is back to normal. We have been told that if she continues to have these types of contractions after 36 weeks they will go ahead and let her continue to have them rather than use the medicine again to stop them.

The clock is ticking and a new pooper is about to be dropped on our door step. As it gets closer and closer I am starting to feel a bit more worried about having to go through those first 6 weeks of getting cried at in my ear while I am in a zombie sleep.


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