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Week in Review

Written on June 29, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

My mom is hanging in there. No hospital visits this week so that has been good. I know my mom is ready for her to come so we'll see what happens. I got to see my little sister at the ultrasound the other day and that was pretty fun.

Grandma invited us out to dinner the other night. We stopped by a local buffet and I had a good time. I like going to buffets because sometimes I can be a picky eater and only want to try a few bites at things. I get a whole plethora of choices at a buffet and my mom always surprises me when she comes around the corner with my plate. Talk about a mystery, sometimes she gives me crazy yucky stuff like spinach. No thanks mom. I will however have some cookies or maybe even some ice cream if you are feeling daring.

We stopped by the library the other night and picked up some Backyardigan DVDs. I am beginning to really like that show. My mom likes to watch me dance to their music. They have some pretty good songs that are really fun to dance to.

We haven't done too much this week because we have been taking it easy on my mom. We didn't want to give her pain or contractions so we haven't been walking around too much.

As you can see from my picture of the day, I really like computers. Whenever I get a chance, I am over there tapping away at the keys. Sometimes my dad gets a bit freaked out though because it is about to fall off the table or maybe I'm about to rip off a key. If the keys weren't meant to be taken off, why are they so easy too? That's the question I have. My dad got me a preschooler game for the computer upstairs but I wasn't too interested in that one. Maybe some day though. Best thing about computers that I have found so far is that they are real fun to turn off. Especially when we are at my dad's office and he is in the middle of working on things. Talk about funny.

I guess that's it for the week. If anything exciting happens this weekend like my sister being born, my dad will certainly post it up here. Have a good weekend.


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