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Happy to be a father..

Written on June 4, 2007 by Kevin.

With Fathers Day right around the corner, I am reminded of the things that my son does that make me extremely happy to be father. It may have taken a long time before he started doing some of these but they are certainly worth it now that he does...

Reading time... I have always had a vision of reading to my kids. My wife and I tried reading to Rylan from a young age but he was just not interested. The past couple of months though have been great and he simply cannot get enough of reading time with dad.

Hugs and Kisses... For whatever reason, I do not recall my family being super huggy or kissy but with Rylan there is nothing better than getting a strong hug or kiss from him when I come home from work. This is another new skill from Rylan that we really enjoy.

Holding hands... This was another thing that Rylan simply hated. When walking, he never would let us hold his hand. He would rather roam around at his own pace and direction. All of a sudden though, he is a lot more interested in this and I couldn't be happier.

There are tons of things that make me proud everyday but the list would continue on forever. The best part about having another child is that I get to go through all of this again. I'm looking forward to it.


How sweet!

My son is almost 2 1/2 years old and we just love this age! He does all the things you mentioned. What we also love is his budding sense of humor. Out of no where, he started calling me "little mommy" as in, "Come on, little mommy." I'm only 5' tall, so it's appropriate. He just cracks me up sometimes!

Written by Overwhelmed With Joy! on Jun 6, 2007

Humor is an amazing thing.

A few days ago my wife was watching Rylan and he came up to her and was staring at her so she asked what did he need and he forcefully whispered, "poop".

They don't even know how funny they really are. He loves to laugh when we are laughing.

Written by Kevin on Jun 6, 2007

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