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Does 2 mean double the trouble?

Written on July 31, 2007 by Kevin.

Overall, we feel extremely lucky to have such well behaved children. Just the other day we were at a local restaurant and Rylan was acting great while drawing and otherwise keeping busy. We had 2 couples come up to us and tell us how well behaved he was and that he reminds them of their own children. While he can act up just like any other kid, for the most part he is pretty well behaved. It seems that some restaurants just don't sit well with him and we have noticed he will never act well while there. We try to avoid them now.

As of now, life is pretty much the same as it was with just Rylan. Kaitlyn is staying awake more during the day so she ends up crying more often but still, it seems that she is quieter than Rylan was during this time. Minus the feeding time and occasional diaper change, Rylan still gets all of the same attention that he did during life without Kaitlyn.

This first couple of weeks with Kaitlyn have been much easier than with Rylan. I like to joke around that I am a pro now when it comes to kids but the reality is, everything seems a bit easier. We are better prepared in everything and we now know that you don't have to be super super gentle with a baby. Their fingers aren't going to break when you put a shirt on and their heads aren't going to just pop off and roll across the floor.

In time, things will change and I can only imagine that when one kid is having a temper tantrum, the other one will be OK and visa versa. Things are going to get more stressful but for now, life is pretty easy. Do I want to throw a third kid into the bunch? I don't think I want to push it any further. We are bound to get a trouble maker one of these times around.


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