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Independence Day Recap

Written on July 5, 2007 by Kevin.

4th of JulyWe decided this year, due to work schedules, that we would check out one of the July 3rd events. A nearby city was throwing a big celebration so we figured we would check it out. We were hoping for a big celebration including food, activities and then the fireworks finale but that wasn't really the case.

We got there a few hours before the scheduled fireworks and not until after we got in did we realize that it was pretty boring and not too many events or food to enjoy. The most difficult part was there were no strollers allowed so we knew we were going to have a fun time with Rylan. We walked around for a bit and decided to get some overpriced concession food. Rylan wasn't too interested in this though and just wanted to walk around.

Somehow we blew a couple hours before the fireworks started. We headed up to the grandstands to watch and found a seat near the exit so we could bail out quickly in hopes of beating the rush. Rylan continued to be restless while watching the fireworks. He didn't know if he wanted to sit down or stand up. He enjoyed a few of the big fireworks but wasn't too interested in the smaller ones. I taught him how to say Boom! and he immediately picked up on that which was fun for us. We took off before their finale but still managed to get stuck in some heavy traffic. Despite drinking water, we were all dehydrated trying to fight off the 110F heat at night.

We didn't have anything planned for the actual 4th of July so we just headed to the store to run our normal errands. As we returned home we noticed some fireworks going off nearby so we took a slight detour to show Rylan. He was immediately interested in pointing out the fireworks but that quickly died off again. He seems to have a short attention span when it comes to fireworks. Maybe he just doesn't want to get stuck in traffic. Smart kiddo.


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