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Just a spoon full of sugar..

Written on July 17, 2007 by Kevin.

When my wife was in the hospital while having Kaitlyn, it was just me and Rylan driving back and forth from home. Eventually, Rylan wasn't going for this anymore and he simply refused to get into his car seat or stroller. In the past, we have had our random spurts of difficulties getting him to cooperate but for the most part he is great and very helpful.

For about 4 days, I was having the most difficult time getting him into his car seat and when my wife would do it she had no troubles at all. What's the deal with that? Maybe he was just bored of me. We pushed on a few days later and I gave it a try again and he slipped in with no issues. Hmm.

Turns out that the trick for Rylan being super cooperative right now in regards to his car seat is playing music that he likes. That happens to be anything sung by Mary Poppins. In fact, if a song of hers is not on repeat while we are driving, he goes bonkers. He loves this lady. Why wouldn't he? She is practically perfect in every way after all. She is so perfect that when you say Mary Poppins, Rylan's ears perk up and he pays super close attention, just like in the movie. His latest word he is working on is even Poppins in which he says more of a "Poppa" word.

Not unsurprising but Mary Poppins seems to be his favorite movie right now as well. If we start up the DVD he will sit quietly on the couch watching. He must get that from me because I think it is my favorite Disney movie as well. Just something about those songs are great. It seems that every song they sing is as good as the next and that's a hard thing to do.

It seems true the old saying that a spoonful of a sugar helps the... kid get into his car seat. Whatever works I say.

Maybe this love for Mary Poppins stems from his first visit to Disneyland. He was just 2 months old at the time.

On a side note, we have the old Mary Popping soundtrack on record but currently unable to play it. Anyone care to send us a record player?


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