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Kaitlyn Update

Written on July 25, 2007 by Kevin.

Kaitlyn is still doing amazingly well.

Now about 18 days old, she is still a bit red and yellow but we are told that this is making its way out of her system. We had taken her to her doctor a few days ago and he confirmed that she had a mild case of jaundice but from what he could tell, it was on it's way out. They confirmed this by checking her feet which have begun to already show normal skin tones. Slowly, we are told this will go away starting from her toes to the top of her head.

She is doing amazing as far as sleeping. She sleeps throughout the day but continues to sleep through the night as well. We have a bit of a time getting her to go to sleep but once down, she will sleep from 6-10 hours. Yes we are very lucky, especially since Rylan did not give us too many troubles as well. I'm not sure how we lucked out with these 2 sleepers.

My wife had terrible troubles feeding Rylan while he was still new. Kaitlyn is a bit difficult as well but for a different reason. Rylan had a tendency of biting and Kaitlyn has a thing for sucking in air. No matter what type of burping we try though, this air just doesn't always want out and we end up hearing about it later when she has an upset stomach.

She has begun opening her eyes a lot more lately and is ready to take in all the new sights. We have a play mat that we are working on introducing her to. It has a few toys that she can currently bop a bit when she involuntarily flails her arms.

My wife tells me that she enjoyed watching Sin City the other night. The black and white tones definitely are perfect for the developing eyes.


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