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Labor and Delivery - Play by Play

Written on July 7, 2007 by Kevin.

Friday 11:00am - We headed to the hospital because my wife was bleeding. They sent us home after her doctor told the hospital that she had stripped the membranes which would have caused the bleeding. This stripping of the membranes never did happen though, We were sent home with instructions to drink more water to stop the 3-6 minute contractions. She is at 1cm dilation.

Friday 10:00pm - We head back to the hospital because my wife's contractions have increased in strength and timing.

Friday 10:20pm - My wife is taken back for exam. They determine she is having contractions every 3 minutes and she is now 3cm dilated.

Friday 11:20pm - My wife is admitted into the labor and delivery floor and is given a private room.

Saturday 1:00am - She is given an epidural to help with the severe contractions. She is still at 3cm dilation.

Saturday 2:00am - Me and Rylan head home for a few hours of sleep while my wife's mother is helping her at the hospital.

Saturday 6:50am - She has been at 3cm for about 10 hours now. They have given her Pitocin to get things really going.

Saturday 8:00am - Me and Rylan get back to the hospital. My wife is now at 5cm dilation.

Saturday est9:00am - I stepped out of the room to get my wife some ice chip and when I returned the doctor was telling her that she was 7-8cm dilation.

Saturday 9:20am - The doctor tells us that our daughters heart rate is high at 200 and they need to get the baby out quickly. They go over the possibilities of c-section and use of the vacuum.

Saturday 9:36am - Kaitlyn is born amazingly fast. They had gotten the table setup and my wife all situated and they quickly noticed the babies head was already showing. After 2 pushes, Kaitlyn was here.

Kaitlyn's heart rate remained high so they were a bit worried but after an hour it had decreased. Rylan was cautious at first but soon warmed up to here. He grabbed for her hand while she was on the table and they held hands for about 3 minutes. He is fascinated by her and loves to be next to her. She has even gotten a few kisses from him already.

My wife is doing great. Bit thirsty and tired but otherwise in great condition. The delivery was perfect.

Pictures should be coming soon...


Wishing your family all the best.

Written by Jessica on Jul 7, 2007

Congratulations to new parents and big brother! I'm so very happy that you all are well. I look forwards to updates and more pictures when time and your energy will allow.

Written by Jessica on Jul 8, 2007

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