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Week in Review

Written on July 6, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Well of course this weeks main focus was the firework displays that we saw. I had a good time watching the fireworks and I really liked the big loud ones. I kept looking behind me though because the bangs were really loud there. My dad tells me it was the sound bouncing off of the walls. He is smart. As for the fireworks themselves, we had fun but I think I like the fireworks at Disneyland much better. They have fireworks that they shoot up to make it look like Mickey's head. No show here will ever do that.

Dad and I have been having a lot of fun lately. We have been trying a new game where he sits on the floor near the couch and I jump off the couch into his arms. I could do this for hours. Sometimes I get to the edge of the couch and just fall off and sometimes I get of a running start and leap off. Every time seems to be more fun than the last. It is teaching me how to jump which is fun too. Dad put me on the ground after this and showed me how to jump but all I could do was stretch out my body as much as possible. Mom sure got a good laugh.

So the heat over here is scorching. I think it was up to 116F the other day. That is simply ridiculous. It seems to take the car a bazillion years to fully cool down and then you have the fight the heat of the sun. Talk about terrible. We try not to drive but sometimes it's just necessary. I sure never look forward to it though.

Yesterday my mom had another baby checkup and everything is still looking OK. The doctor said that my sister was going to be a bigger than I was maybe.. hmmm Mom just woke up and called my dad to have him drive us to the hospital. I just got back now, just in time to finish writing this review. They say everything is OK and that the problems she is having was because the doctor stripped her membranes yesterday. We are a bit cautious though because the Dr. did not actually do this so we are a bit confused. We are all watching mom closely.

I think thats it for this week. I am going to go monitor my mom like a hawk. We'll let you know if anything changes. Have a good weekend.


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