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Week in Review

Written on July 13, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

What can I say that hasn't already been said. My sister came this week and I am so happy. I was there during the delivery and will always be there for her when she needs me. I am her big brother and that makes me very happy.

I had fun at the hospital while waiting for my sister. My mom and dad packed me up a Big Brother Bag that included some goodies for me including a few coloring books, crayons, a new toy and even a special lunch for me. My grandma was watching me a lot during the visit which was nice. We got to roam around the hallways and just do things at my own pace. I like to see the babies at the nursery.

My dad throughout the weekend was taking me back home to sleep. I began to rebel though after a while because I was sick of being put into my stroller or car seat. I fought and fought, oh and I screamed. I just wasn't going for it anymore. I wanted my mom to do it. Dad had a hard time with me getting situated but now I am back to normal it seems. The trick is that I want a Mary Poppins song playing while I get placed into the car seat. That isn't too difficult now is it?

The past couple of nights I have been able to sleep peacefully. My sister didn't even wake up at all last night so that was really good. She is a pretty quiet kiddo. When I'm in our family room and mom is in the kitchen, if Kaitlyn cries or chirps I like to go tell my mom. I'm like the little watchdog. Last night in the car though she was getting all crazy crying and I just couldn't take it anymore. I just had to blast out my own scream. I think I won that battle. I have a lot more experience making terrible noises.

That may be it for now. Have a great weekend and try to stay out of the scorching sun.


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