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Who are these Doodlebops characters really?

Written on July 30, 2007 by Kevin.

The Doodlebops have always been one of Rylan's favorites shows. We have enjoyed going to see them in concert and even owning a few of their toys which Rylan will get when he is a bit older. We even have their CDs which we used to jam out to in the car. Heck, I even know most of all the words to their songs.

Now, my wife and I have always questioned these kids. Well, are the Doodlebops actually kids, may be the first question. How old are these characters supposed to be? Somewhere between 25-30 in real life I imagine but as characters are they supposed to be much younger to be closer to the target audience? It is said that they are siblings but we are both thoroughly confused why they are each 3 different colors. Furthermore, what were their parents doing while they conceived these guys? I have had 2 kids and been in the nursery many times now and have yet to see a brightly colored baby.

Maybe they were born on another planet? Aliens in fact. If that was the case, how did they make friends with all the humans and why during the cut scenes are new kids not scared of them? Alien or not, why wouldn't some little kids run the other way if crazy colored people came their way. Something isn't right here.

I think we all need a bit of back story to go along with the show. Of course, the Wiki on the Doodlebops has nothing informative. I am on a mission to get some answers and will report back if the mystery ever is unraveled.


Want to find out everything there is to know about the Doodlebops? Check out


Written by Stephanie on Aug 2, 2007

You will need to point out where it talks about the background of the Doodlebops because I can't seem to find it.

Also, whatever happened to that signed picture that you told me you would get for my son Rylan?

Written by Kevin on Aug 2, 2007

perhaps the Doodlebops are siblings that were adopted...not all families look like each other you know! Futhermore, have some imagination-it's a kids show they don;t have to be realistic colors and last, perhaps the writters/producers chose pink, blue and ornage skin to prove a point that color shouldn't matter????!

Written by alexis on Apr 8, 2008

Thank you for your insightful comment. Apparently you missed the very obvious sarcasm and joking manner of this post.

Written by Kevin on Apr 9, 2008

I would like to see them with no make-up on and see what they look like underneath. My daughter who is 23 months old was amazed with them I was kinda up in the air on these guys

Written by christine on Sep 11, 2008

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