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3 5 or 10 Rule - Also known as Grrrr!

Written on August 15, 2007 by Kevin.

People will tell you that every child is different. This is true, in most regards. The 9 months of pregnancy are not just used for the child's physical development. No, it is also used for more cynical things. I'd say around the 6th month or so, they begin to learn about all of the buttons that can be pushed to drive a parent insane. Let me explain...

There are 2 things that I have noticed about both Kaitlyn and Rylan that simply drive me nuts. Picture this, Kaitlyn is falling asleep in my arms. I continue to bounce and soothe her a bit afterwards just to make sure that she is fully asleep. She looks peaceful and ready for a long nap. I am ready to get some other house work done. I lay her down in her playpen and walk away. Phew. Relief at last. I begin working on doing whatever needs to be done at the house and then out of the blue I hear the start of a cry. I try to ignore it to see if it was a temporary thing. Aye, the kiddo is up and fully alert. How is this possible?!? How did she take a speedy nap and wake up full of energy? How can I learn this technique?

This is the daily routine with both Kaitlyn and Rylan as an infant. I now call this the 3 5 or 10 Rule. Why you ask? Quite simple actually. You can almost place bets that your child will wake up after 3, 5 or 10 minutes. If they get passed that 10 minute mark, the odds are now in your favor that they will be out for an extended period. That is when you can really relax your body and get on to the rest of the days work.

If the 3 5 or 10 rule is not impressive enough. I have discovered another thing that developing babies are instructed about during the pregnancy. That would be elevations. The simple difference between being 5 feet in the air compared to 2 feet. Let me explain. I am back again, holding or bouncing Kaitlyn and she looks content. She is not sleepy or wide awake. She is just in a state of calm. Perfect. Maybe I can sit down and rest my aching back and legs. I sit down slowly as not to disturb her peace. My butt hits the soft cushion and as I let out a breath, I am welcomed once again to a fussy baby. You have got to be kidding me! How does this dang child of mine know when I'm standing up compared to sitting down. My arms are holding her in the same position! They are testing me and I am clearly losing (it). How do both kids have this abnormal sense of elevation?

I wish I had some explanations.


I had the same probelm with my daughter knowing when I was sitting down vs standing up and she always preferred me standing. I've never tried a back support belt, but maybe new parents should invest in one.

I'll be checking back again soon to see if anyone has come up with an answer or a trick for this.

Written by Jessica on Aug 20, 2007

I have spoken to a few people at my work and they experience the same thing. Why don't we have people researching this phenomenon?

Written by Kevin on Aug 22, 2007

I agree. I think it's a baby conspiracy that is related to the 'mother's curse'.

Written by Jessica on Aug 22, 2007

You will need to tell me about the mothers curse.

Written by Kevin on Aug 22, 2007

Oh. The mother's curse is something I've heard about..especially from my mom. I think it has something to do with behaving for your parents. If you're being bad, your parent (usually your mom) will tell you "One day you will have a kid that acts just like you" or something to that affect. So if your bad, you're kid will be too. So in the case of all babies loving being held, it might be because as babies we all had to be held. But since your mom says it, she is basically cursing you for being bad or a handful for her.

Written by Jessica on Aug 28, 2007

Every time one of the grandparents hear the kids screaming, they immediately blame it on this "mothers curse". I like to blame it on the fact that they are hungry or tired.

So far, I don't see either one of our children taking after either one of us.

Written by Kevin on Aug 29, 2007

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