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Baby Steps

Written on August 30, 2007 by Kevin.

No, not baby steps in the literal form. I am talking about small steps forward that Kaitlyn made yesterday that showed that she may not have been born just to torture us.

As mentioned previously, my wife's day tends to be filled with a lot of bouncing, feeding and diaper changes. A typical life of the parents of a newborn I imagine. That doesn't mean we have to like hearing her scream if we put her down for a split second. She would be physically attached to my wife if she could be. It is really the only way she will get to sleep or calm down.

We have been waiting for the day that something else catches her eye and keeps her occupied. Something that will calm her down but their back isn't going to snap. We purchased a nice mobile a few weeks ago in hopes of this but she wouldn't even look at it. We figured this would be the case and waited for the day. Yesterday was that day.

My wife tells me that yesterday was Kaitlyn's best day. Best day in regards to clinginess. She did not require my wife to hold her at all times and she even enjoyed her mobile. Like with Rylan, I printed out some high contrast images to put onto the mobile and she seems to be enjoying them as well.

Generally, her mood was up yesterday. She gave my wife a bunch of smiles and shows continued signs of becoming more and more alert and aware of what is around her. When we were out doing errands yesterday, she was alert but quiet for most of the time. That silence was broken though when we started to head home. It's always nice to drive with a screaming baby taking your head off.

Her scheduling is becoming better. She has been a great sleeper at night and has progressively been going down earlier each night. Last night she was zonked out enough to fall asleep at around 9:00pm. This is a much improvement over a few nights where we were up at 2:00am or later. Most of the time though she goes down between 10:00pm and 11:00pm. It was a nice surprise from her. Maybe she thought she would be nice and allow my wife and I a breather and a break on our sore backs. Maybe it was only a 1 time thing.

Baby steps is all we ask for.


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