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Bug man to the rescue

Written on August 23, 2007 by Kevin.

This year, we seem to be one of the stops on the tour for the cricket population. For whatever reason, the crickets have decided that our home is a nice place to hang out and live their final days. I don't recall this ever being a problem in the past but at least we have a bug man now.

I have been spotting these pesky crickets for about a month now and every time that I go take care of one, Rylan is right by my side. He just loves looking at these things. In fact, he loves to look at all bugs. We seem to be a hideout for super tiny spiders as well and he loves to spot these things and say "Bug!". He has learned to say bug and now even cricket.

The other day, my wife tells me that she heard Rylan saying bug and cricket and when she went to check on him, she noticed he was running around with a wipe in his hand going after a bug. Looks like he had already got a hold of a cricket and ripped it in half but he was still going after another bug as well. He is our new bug man that can spot just about any bug possible.

Last night, as I was brushing his teeth, he spotted a cricket crawling up the wall right above his bed. I took notice of it and tried to hurry with his brushing so that I could take care of it before it went out of sight or fell onto his bed. I was too late and it vanished. Rylan immediately spotted it though, on his bed. I took care of it and showed Rylan up close what a cricket looked like. He, of course, said "Yuck!".

He is a typical boy that loves bugs I guess.


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