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Cupcake fun.

Written on August 14, 2007 by Kevin.

As a kid, some of my best memories were making cookies with the family. While my wife did not have this opportunity many times, she wants Rylan to enjoy baking as much as she does now. She is an amazing cake decorater if you ask me. We took a step towards this last night when my wife whipped up a batch of icecream cone cupcakes. These were my favorite as a kid and one of my top desserts even now.

Once the cupcakes were finished we sat down with Rylan and had some fun decorating them. His main concern at first was tasting them rather than decorating them. In fact, he ate a knife full of icing which shot shivvers down my spine. After he got that out of his system it was on to the business at hand. We gave Rylan a few colored sugar sprinkles and some other basic ones too. It took a bit to warm up but afterwards he was decorating those cupcakes like the best of them. Of course he took some samples along the way.

I think Rylan had a fun time with this little food project. This was confirmed with the amount of chocolate frosting he had all over his face and arms. I know that my wife has another fun project for him to do soon with her that includes cookies. Expect some pictures of that project as well..


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