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Gentle but Effective

Written on August 28, 2007 by Kevin.

There are moments in parenting that you can look back at and smile because it is so ridiculous. Kids do crazy things. In our home, we do watch television. Rylan wakes up each morning and heads downstairs to watch his Disney shows while my wife takes care of Kaitlyn and prepares Rylan's breakfast. On the weekends, we pretty much have the same routine except that I usually take Rylan down for food while my wife stays upstairs to take care of Kaitlyn.

Rylan has enjoyed watching the My Friends Tigger and Pooh show for a few months now but this last weekend I actually sat down and really watched it with him. I had seen bits of it but it had never really processed in my head. Little did I know that I would use one of its best quotes later on that day.

So the idea behind the show is that Tigger, Pooh and Darby are detectives, solving mysteries in the 100 acre woods. When they run into a tough issue, they break into a huge song and dance when Darby says they need to "Think. Think. Think.". Shortly after, they have fixed the problem and the day is saved.

Our home is still up for sale and on Saturday we had a call from a realtor that wanted to show. The house was a mess and I was trying to get my wife to tell them to show it tomorrow instead. She got mixed signs and told them to give us 45 minutes. We rushed around like crazy people cleaning the house up but the real fun came later that night when we were briefly talking about the crazy idea to have them come in 45 minutes. I said to my wife (in a nice way), "You need to do what Darby does. Think. Think. Think." My wife couldn't do anything but laugh and be amazed that I used an insult from a children's television show. It was highly effective nonetheless.

What is the world coming too when you actually use an insult from a television show? That is the moment you realize how much parenting has taken over your life. I was a bit bummed though that we didn't get to go through the entire song and dance like they do on the show. I think Rylan would have got a kick out of that.


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