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Kaitlyn and her latest doctors visit..

Written on August 21, 2007 by Kevin.

From a very young age, Kaitlyn has always seemed to have a rash on her face. Over time, it progressively spread to her neck and back of the head. We originally thought this was caused because of her spitting up at night and it just resting on her cheek until morning when we noticed it. Her spitting up had stopped but the rash continued. Some days it seems to be more noticeable than others but it never looked great. We decided it was time to take her to the doctor.

Yesterday we made an appointment and had her checked out. She thought it was both baby acne plus exzema. She recommended a bit of Aveeno Baby lotion to help clear it up. She shows no other signs of sensitive skin except on her face which confuses me a bit. The baby wash that we use is hypoallergenic which you would think should help prevent this type of issue. I guess not.

My wife has also been tackling Kaitlyn's cradle cap. We started noticing the crusty spots on her head and eyebrows and immediately knew what it was. Rylan never experienced this however my wife had a friend who's newborn had it so she was aware of it. We are currently tackling that with a bit of baby oil and combing the crusty bits out. Fun times for everyone, especially Kaitlyn.

The doctor recommended trying Selsun shampoo on Kaitlyn. We are a bit curious on how to effectively use it on her eyebrows though without getting it in her eyes. That should be as fun as scraping away the crusty flakes. It's going to take some time before this issue goes away it seems.

Rylan, as an infant had very few troubles so it throws me off a bit to see Kaitlyn with these minor issues. I guess I expect her to be like Rylan was but I am realizing quickly that it isn't the case.


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