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The tube of endless fun..

Written on August 6, 2007 by Kevin.

A while back, I came across a website that showed you some items you may have around your house that would work as great children's toys. I found many things on the list that we currently use or may use in the future. The biggest one to stand out was an old poster container. I have received a few of these from my office as they are a bit more sturdy than the ones you may have for a standard poster.

Rylan and I can sit down and have fun with this for an amazing amount of time. I first got him interested when I showed him that if I put a ball in at the top, it will magically appear at the bottom. From there we moved on to talking to one another through it and of course using it as a telescope type toy. Rylan's favorite though is when we are both looking through it at each other and we have a ball in the tube. We roll the tube back and forth bouncing it off one another's noses. He can't help but giggle.

I decided it was time to spice up the plain ol' brown tube and found some super cheap wrapping paper and had my way with it the other night. When Rylan noticed it the next day, it was like seeing a new toy all over again. He was thrilled.

Need a tutorial? Probably not but I figured I would do so anyways...


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